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In 2006, Leroy Womack was encouraged to found Designs on the Move. His passion and enthusiasm for creating unique, custom designs for a broad spectrum of clients helped him realize his dream. Growing up in Little Rock AR, a place of natural beauty and rich cultural life, Leroy always had a knack for Interior Design and all aspects of the field. His passion lead him to pursue his education in Architecture, at the prestigious ‘Tom Chandler School of Design,’ where he honed his skills with the help of Prof. Chandler. Since then, his client base has grown tremendously. Leroy has designed for some of Arkansas largest residences and commercial properties. He was invited to design in the “Arkansas Symphony Designer House” in 2011 and 2013. He has also been featured in publications such as “At Home in Arkansas” as well as “Life in Chenal,” and has participated in charity events in Little Rock AR and nationally. Leroy has travelled the world for insight and Inspiration to establish relationships to better accomitate his clients for a global look standing the test of time. He has ambitious plans for Designs on the Move, and intends for this amazing company to expand globally and also design accessories and furniture. 

Our Mission Statement

 Designs On The Move is an all-inclusive Interior Design Firm, which caters to a large and diverse clientele. We specialize in Personalized Interior Design, Home Remodel, Event Planning (ie. Weddings, Charity Events, Anniversaries) as well as custom "Enchanted Christmas" design and decor. We work closely with Architects, Contractors, Decor Companies, Wholesale Markets, Venue Owners, etc., to create custom designs for your home, businesses, and events that not only make owners confident and comfortable but also create a space that leaves clients and guests with an experience of timeless sophistication and memorable luxury at its finest. Interior Design in Little Rock Christmas decor in Little Rock Designs on the Move in Little Rock

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We specialize in providing Exquisite Interior Design for both commercial clients and individuals living in Little Rock Arkansas, surrounding areas, and nationally. Our Lead designer and founder, Leroy Womack, will give you a professional assessment of your situation which will lead to a solid plan of action. He will help you choose the finest color patterns for your painting project, offer you reliable advice about the furniture you will need, and offer you many accessory options. Do you already have ideas of how you want your property to look? Or maybe you are not sure exactly how you want to transform it? In either case, our design service is just what you need. Allow DTOM to help you realize your own vision or both – work with a combination of our ideas and yours to deliver fabulous results. Professional interior design is not for the rich and famous only anymore. Let's create the home or office interior of your dreams together.

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